Nationalism is the only answer

Alison Chabloz

Ethnic Europeans are being discriminated against in their own lands by minority groups. We only have to look at the recent disbarring of Ian Millard by the UK Bar Standards Board, as well as several high profile suspensions – including my own – from Twitter, to understand that there is no other explanation.

Time to wake up and to start fighting back. Today, it’s Millard, Vaughn, Yiannopoulos, Frith and Chabloz. Tomorrow, it’s you.

Blatant double standards of corporate social media groups are easily explained by looking at who owns these platforms and by observing which groups can use them to smear, threaten and abuse with impunity and which groups cannot. Can someone in London or Dublin please perform a quenelle outside Twitter‘s offices? If Twitter – and indeed the Solicitors Regulation Authority – are quite comfortable with Zionist lawyer Mark Lewis‘ public outbursts, then what harm in an anti-establishment comic…

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UK – Jewish Kibbutz To Open In Kent

Only an hours drive from golders green my boy my boy 😂

The Ugly Truth

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JERUSALEM POST – The farm will be at Skeet Hill House in Kent. An amazing Jewish retreat centre which has its own heritage of practicing Judaism in the context of working and being on the land. The site is near Orpington station within the M25, just over an hour’s drive from Golders Green.

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FRANCE – Israeli Football Team greeted with Palestinian Flags During Soccer Game

The Ugly Truth


JERUSALEM POST – After much talk over the high security risks at Thursday nights Europa League soccer match between St. Etienne and Beitar Jerusalem in France Beitar supporters arrived to the stadium to find they were not allowed to enter with Israeli flags, Israeli sports news website One reported.

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