Why The Zionist British Royal Family Should Hang

Pragmatic Witness

Throne Room, Buckingham Palace


WW~Notes: Normally, I wouldn’t even post such a piece of crude journalism but the author makes some very valid points regarding the monarchy and its ongoing ties to America.  Also, James is not the least bit amiable concerning the recent royal marriage (note article written prior to the event).  READ AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION.

By Mike James on April 20, 2011

By: Mike James in Germany

As a freeborn and patriotic Englishman, I unapologetically expel from the furthermost reaches of my anus the most rancid and hideously foul smatterings of diarrhoea upon every aspect of the anti-English, treasonous “Royal Family”.

The Windsors hate not only the British people, they take us for fools bedazzled by their worthless shenanigans; and they laugh contemptuously at our imbecilic credulousness.

The marriage of a Rothschild-Jewish parasite named Billy Windsor (“Prince” William)…

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