SSPX Expels Father Abrahamowicz

Truth is Beauty

abrahamowicz4Bishop Bernard Fellay, Superior General of the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX), seems to be having a bit of a freak-out. I was going to say sell-out, but I’ll reserve judgment on that – for now.

The news out of Italy is that the SSPX has expelled Father Floriano Abrahamowicz of the SSPX Northern Italian District “for grave reasons of discipline.” Fr. Abrahamowicz, you’ll recall, is the SSPX priest who expressed doubts about the Holocaust just days after Bishop Williamson’s interview aired on Swedish television:

[Portion of the SSPX NOTE, according to several Italian news agencies:] “The action is in effect from Friday, February 6, and was taken for grave reasons of discipline. Father Floriano Abrahamowicz had expressed for some time positions distinct from the official ones of the Fraternity of Saint Pius X. The decision of the expulsion, though painful, was made necessary to avoid that the image of the Fraternity of Saint Pius X…

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