Drug-addicted Dubai Crown Prince Hamdan: following the usual footsteps of the Arab Royal family

The Muslim Issue

Yesterday Reality TV wanna-be ‘star’ Kim Kardashian landed in Bahrain amidst screaming Arabs who accused the young TV celebrity of being a “porn star” whom they “did not want” in their country. The protesters encouraged Arabs not to visit, buy or give any business to her new shop, Millions of Milkshakes, in Riffa, Bahrain.
Kardashian may not have the most illustrious reputation in the world, but at least she is not as bad as the gay sex and drug addicted 30-year old Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan “Fazza” Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Makthoum of Dubai. We will not go into details of the sadomasochistic gay sex orgies Hamdan keeps getting involved in, except to say we got surprised because Hamdan is the Second Coming of Arabia.
Sadomasochism, gay orgies, violence, rape, and even murders, drug and alcohol binges is nothing new with the Arabs. You come across reports of deplorable conduct…

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