What Must Be Done To Save Christian Civilization

Chastisement 2014

This is what must be done to save Christian civilization

1. Defeat feminism.  White Men must make their wives stay home with the children.

2. European people must make a concerted effort to end abortion of their children, and stop using Contraception.  They must birth at least 4 children per couple for the next 20 years.

3.  End Multiculturalism.  European And Christian Values must be Advanced.  There Can be no compromise on this.

4. American must end Hispanic Immigration and deport every single illegal immigrant here.

5. None Europeans must be prevented from immigrating to Europe and America.

6.  War Must Be made against all American And European Enemies for the next 50 years.

7. Israel must be Isolated from the Europe and America and forced to defend it’s self in the Middle East.

8. European people need to embrace their greatness and take credit for creating the current technological…

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