David Duke and ‘liberal’ national-socialism

John Londen

david duke

David Duke and ‘liberal’ national-socialism

One of the things that I think Nationalists have to start doing is being a bit more sceptical and questioning about some of these personalities who have led ‘the movement’ over the last seventy years.  Nationalism belongs to white people, and we have the right to look critically on those who were meant to stand for our racial interests but who have failed for one reason or another.  Some of them (this does not apply to all) have been happy to take the money or enjoyed high public profiles but have not delivered.  Of course, failure is not a crime in and of itself, but it should prompt questions.  It is not really good enough to continue with the same tactics and methods over and again, nor should we be surprised at repeated failure if the course being followed is a repetition of previous failed strategies.  The reality…

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