Is It Dead Yet?

John Londen


Is It Dead Yet?

The never-ending saga of Retro-Nationalism is starting to resemble one of those Jewy horror movies.  It’s an appropriate analogy, I find, given the 70s/80s feel of what passes for political Nationalism nowadays.  You may recall that at the end of those films, there was always a character who asked after the health and welfare of the monster/serial killer/homicidal nut, knowing that this evil force of Nature couldn’t be easily put down.  He, she or it had to be shot, stabbed and burnt several times before finally succumbing.

I have to ask of the National Front: ‘Is it dead yet?’

Eddy Morrison said: “We will know by the 1st February.”

I just wish the Electoral Commission would get their act together and kill-off this Frankenstein’s monster for good, by either refusing registration to both factions (if possible) or by granting registration to the dormant Official (Southern) faction…

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