Deanna Spingola – Post War Allied Mass Rape of German Women and Girls

Justice for Germans

The Ruling EliteDeanna Spingola discusses the Post-War Allied Mass Rape of German Women and Girls by Russian, American, British and French Forces, and intentional bastardization of the German civilian population. She also discusses rape and sexual abuse in France, American war propaganda and the sexualization of the war in the Stars and Stripes magazine. Deanna was reading from her new book “The Ruling Elite: Death, Destruction and Domination”. The chapter is called: “Women: Prize Plunder for the Allies”.

Deanna also offered commentary on Russian President Vladimir Putin who maintains the Soviet version of World War II history, in spite of revisionist evidence which refutes it, and who has criminalized so-called “holocaust denial” and also honoured the Red Army at a monument erected in Israel.  She also touched on Eisenhower’s Death Camps.

This program aired: 02.28.15. The audio file is edited and commercial free.

Download the free mp3 or watch / listen…

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