The holohoax™ and the phony six million



I know that the official version of the holohoax™ regarding the alleged systematic extermination of six million jews via homicidal gas chambers is complete nonsense, do you?

This post is not going to feature links to any of the numerous documentaries online that deal with the scientific aspects (i.e. the technical, archaeological, etc.) concerning why the official holohoax™ narrative is not only an impossibility, but is also upon closer examination blatantly preposterous. Some good names to search for in order to find such documentaries are Robert Faurisson, Ernst Zundel, Germar Rudolph, Frederick Toben and Eric Hunt. There are others whom I have not mentioned. This post will instead demonstrate why without even looking into the cold hard facts one can easily recognize the official version of the shoah as fraudulent and the six million number to be the occult jewish religious myth that it is.

The jews have been claiming…

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