Profile of a Hero- Corneliu Zelea Codreanu And The Legion Of St Michael The Archangel (Iron Guard)

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“By our audacious act, we break from the dominant mentality of this century and of the world. We kill in ourselves a world in order to build another, a higher one reaching to the heavens. The absolute sovereignty of money is broken to be replaced by the power of the spirit and of moral values. We do not deny and will not deny the role and necessity of the material in the world, but we do deny and always will its right to preeminence.” – Corneliu Z. Codreanu September 13, 1899- November 30, 1938 (Assassinated)

With the end of World War I came a special period of suffering for the Romanian people. Inflation and enormous debts caused famine to ravish the cities, land speculators were displacing the peasantry, students did not have access for basic necessities, the Western democracy’s sought to meddle in Romanian politics, Communist thugs committed brazen, unchallenged…

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