Ukrainian “Neo-Nazis” Meet With Israeli Ambassadors, World Jewry Mysteriously Silent

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Let there be no misunderstanding, the Zionist controlled American government does not really give a damn about “human rights”. Institutions, if they were consistent in this respect, would first and foremost condemn the systematic violation of fundamental human rights of Palestinians and other peoples who have been brutally steamrolled by global Zionist governance. Neither does the United States government have any qualms in maintaining massive concentration camps, like “Guantanamo”, where dissidents are held captive without charges or trial. The whole globalist religion of “Human Rights” is little more than a politicized smoke screen to justify imperialist interests in foreign lands, and nothing more.

For 2 years, we have seen a non-stop assault by world Jewry and the Greek government to crackdown on nationalist dissidents and violate the rights of Greek patriots to legally assemble. Multiple visits from an alphabet soup of Jewish lobbies and think tanks, such as the…

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