Two different centuries – one attack on the Church

Damsel of the Faith

The following quotes from Popes Gregory XVI and Pius XI demonstrate that the Modernist heretics have been in the Church for longer than we think slyly but surely creeping amongst the children of the Church to corrupt them.  This crisis we are currently suffering even goes back to the 19th Century and has increasingly worsened, coming out in full force at the Second Vatican Council, reaching its apex in our day, with the near destruction of not only the liturgy and traditions of the Church, but even Her very morals ratified and taught by the Son of God Himself.

Pray for the Church.

“You are well aware, venerable brothers, of the many misfortunes which now afflict the Catholic Church. You know, too, that holy religion is being attacked by the pollution of errors of every kind and by the unbridled rashness of renegades. At the same time heretics and unbelievers…

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