Holocaust Fake pics

Nationalismus Zuerst


The top Jewish artwork shows flame and smoke belching from the crematoria as victims line up for their turn to die — it just so happens this a giant lie since crematorias are never, ever designed for flames to go up the chimney. The overly-imaginative Jews (liars) always describe these flames in lurid, satanic detail like Steven Spielberg did in “Schindler’s List.” Bottom photo shows the smoke-less crematoria in the background (all existing photos are like this). Note the “doomed” Jews smiling and waving for the camera.


They didn’t just do this kind of thing for war-time propaganda or for the Nuremberg War Trials, either. The photo on the right was found up on the Simon Weisenthal Center website in 1999. To get American sympathies stoked-up (which is the point), they’ve explained that the smoke in the background is coming from the crematoria at Auschwitz – all the…

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