When Democracy Exposes itself to be a Farce

Smash Cultural Marxism


Last week the Front National sent shock waves through the political establishment of France by polling roughly 40% of the vote and subsequently being predicted to take 6 of the 13 regions in France. This led to a concerted campaign to ‘stop’ the Front National by any means necessary. Jewish groups called for a civic uprising, a Jewish doctor called for the impregnating of “far right women” with non-white children to thereby “kill right-wing poison in the egg”, they even mentioned a possible civil war. As it turned out, the enemies of the true French people used their most potent weapon, the so-called ‘democratic system’.

The French Socialist party which had been routed by the FN in the first round of elections, decided to pull out its candidates and urged its voters to vote for the Republican party led by Nikolas Sarkozy the former French leader who stated that the…

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