Pope Francis The Blasphemer

Mundabor's Blog

Apparently, he was very naughty... He was very naughty at times, says Francis…

Firstly, I suggest you make a camomile tea. 

Then, I suggest you follow this link and instruct yourself about the blasphemy with which the Evil Clown has thought he would best end (or almost end) the year 2015. 

When you have read the entire thing, I would like to add a couple of considerations of mine.

  1. The extremely charitable treatment given to the Pope by the conservative priest and theologian who authored the article does not hide – nor does it make any effort to – the bare fact at work here: blasphemy.
  2. As a proud Italian, I can tell you the word scappatella (a word carrying the meaning of “little escape”, or rather “temporary escape”) has an extremely well-defined meaning. Nine times out of ten it is used to describe the philandering of the husband who, whilst weak in his attraction…

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