The Complete Latin Vulgate Bible (1685)

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The Complete Latin Vulgate Bible

1685 Catholic Latin Vulgate

1. The 1685 Catholic Latin Vulgate contains a remarkable image of the Masonic Trinity on its cover page, which portrays the coming Masonic Jesus “of the sun” who is seen flashing the Masonic “M” handsign. The Holy Spirit is also drawn in a curious manner, writing something in a book and looking over his shoulder to see who might be watching. The Lord, the “Our Father” is drawn wearing a black robe, his face canoot be seen.

2. The Nominum Interpretatio (Hebrew names interpreted)

3. The Esdras Apocalypse, which is the real end of the Bible. Yes, the Apocalypse or “Book of Revelations” as the Protestant goyim call it was not the real end of the Bible. In 1901 the Babylonian Talmud revealed the strategy to remove the real end of the Bible by labelling it “the Apocrypha” and labelling it “ordinary literature” in…

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