Thomas Aquinas: Child of Christ

Today we celebrate the feast of the great Doctor of the Church, St. Thomas Aquinas. Although Thomas is celebrated for his great written works in Catholic theology and philosophy, few people are aware that Thomas’s true greatness and sanctity resided in his retaining the pure mind and heart of an innocent child.

By Sean Fitzpatrick (on Crisis Magazine)


There are a great many saints who will never be known on this side of God’s grace, whose lives merited heavenly bliss but not the history books. This host of secret saints represents the central secret of what it means to be a saint: who a person is is more important than what a person does. In other words, the prestige of sainthood is not necessarily determined by what is done but how it is done.

Thomas Aquinas is a saint; and his sanctity, by this reasoning, is prior to anything of…

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