Egypt MP wants to ban full-face veil since it came from Jewish tradition

The Ugly Truth

jewish women virtuous jewish woman and her kids in the streets of Hebron (notice the little girls in the pram and on the right)

Sabba – And he is absolutely right. Right now, the only people who force their women to wear a Ninja costume when going out are (some religious) jews and their brethren ibn saud (aka ibn yahud) in occupied Arabia.

Nowhere in the Islamic sacred texts do we find any reference to this degrading costume, which has been sold to the Muslims as  being “the greatest sign of piety for a woman”. It is not a sign of piety but it makes the jewish infiltration of any Muslim community sooooo much easier. 

Muslim women who perform the pilgrimage in Mecca – the holiest place for Muslims –  do not, MUST NOT, cover their faces. Yet, if it was indeed something inscribed in Islam, that would be the place to…

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