London Has Fallen

The first Western capital has fallen. There is significance here. This isn’t a small town somewhere in the French Islamic corridor, this is a capital city, and they have decided to give the admittedly rather titular title of mayor to Sadiq Khan.

Am I surprised? Yes. Khan himself is someone with a history of very questionable statements regarding the question of Islamic extremism. If I had made a prediction as to when and where this watershed event would occur, I would have said Stockholm with a squeaky clean Muslim family man, a dentist from Oman perhaps. We’ve skipped that, and gone straight to a guy who could be a commentator for Al Jazeera. No, he isn’t Anjem Choudary, but he’s enough of an Islamist for the change to be rather alarming.

Khan won the election with 56.8% to his ‘Conservative’ opponent Zac Goldsmith’s 43.2% so this wasn’t a close election…

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