MUST WATCH – Major Russian TV Film, ‘SODOM’, Blasts LGBT (HD Video – Eng Dub)

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RUSSIA INSIDER – This blockbuster, 1 hour documentary originally aired on Russian prime-time TV in May of 2015, causing a sensation in Russia at the time (…) After a somewhat dull intro section recalling the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, the film gets interesting.   It leads with a comical interview with an unsuspecting German Lutheran priest in Berlin with a taste for sodomy who explains how Christianity does not actually proscribe this peculiar predilection.

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Hess Brought Hitler’s Peace Offer to Britain in 1941

If only someone with a brain & foresight could have got to Hess when landed

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It was one of the most perplexing episodes of the Second World War which, more than 70 years on, remains shrouded in mystery.
But a new book claims to have solved the riddle of the flight to Britain in 1941 of Rudolf Hess, Adolf Hitler’s deputy. Hess’s journey to Britain by fighter aircraft to Scotland has traditionally been dismissed as the deranged solo mission of a madman. But Peter Padfield, an historian, has uncovered evidence he says shows that, Hess, the deputy Fuhrer, brought with him from Adolf Hitler, a detailed peace treaty, under which the Reich would withdraw from western Europe.

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After Brexit: A Northern Union And A Revolt Against Banker Occupation…

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A British officer told Paul Craig Roberts that 90% of the soldiers in his command voted for Leave because they were tired of fighting wars for America. Of course Americans know that our wars are for Israel and the Banks. We have as much anger as the British and others around the world do against our government. That is because Americans are beginning to realize we are an occupied nation.

The goal of this essay is to outline escape routes from the European Union, Banker Occupation and never ending wars.

Brexit was a wake up call to the elite. There was so much opposition to the European Union that the ruling parties could not rig the vote as they did in the Scottish Independence referendum. In fact video cameras and eyewitnesses documented enough vote theft in Scotland that the Leave supporters were highly motivated to send thousands of observers into…

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Petition for 2nd Brexit referendum under investigation: Signed by 39,000 residents of Vatican City (population 800)

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A petition calling for a second EU referendum which has gained more than 3 million signatures is under investigation by parliamentary authorities.
The House of Commons petitions committee has confirmed that 77,000 signatures, which were added fraudulently, have been removed. A tweet by the committee said that it would continue to monitor the petition for suspicious activity.
The request for another referendum on the parliament’s official petitions website should have been signed only by British citizens and UK residents.

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I Was Refused Holy Communion When Kneeling!

“I beg you to show the greatest possible reverence and honour for the most holy Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom all things, whether on Earth or in Heaven, have been brought to peace and reconciled with Almighty God.” – (St. Francis of Assisi, in a letter to a priest.)

12_09_11_Joos_CommunionFor many years I have been kneeling to receive Holy Communion on the tongue. It has always seemed to me ‘right and fitting’ to fall to my knees, to receive my Lord and Saviour. Nor do I believe my unconsecrated hands should touch His Most Sacred Body, so I receive on the tongue.

There was a time when I was very young, swept along in the tide of novelties that had overwhelmed the Church in the aftermath of Vatican II, that I received the Sacred Host in the hand; it appeared to be unavoidable, even though…

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by Jonathan Azaziah

It’s only been a few weeks since the Zionist coup in Brazil and a Judaized shift in the Latin American powerhouse and BRICS stalwart is already unfolding. Michel Temer, the putschist who seized power from Dilma Rousseff, is known as a “friend of the Brazilian Jewish community”, and this “righteous Gentile” (as the ‘Israelis’ like to call all their puppets) has already appointed another “friend of the Brazilian Jewish community”, Jose Serra, as Brazil’s foreign minister.It has also been revealed that the Coupmonger-In-Chief worked closely with Fernando Lottenberg, the president of the Brazilian Israelite Confederation, on raising awareness (read: brainwashing) among Brazilians about “Holocaust Remembrance Day” as well as passing Zionized “anti-terrorism” legislation that will undoubtedly have an Orwellian effect on Brazil’s citizenry.

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